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In the past I used the over-the-head style headphones for listening to music.  Sound quality is great.   However, their disadvantages are obvious. They are mostly heavy and they  heat up  while you wear them.  So, I tested in-ear headphones with microphone. It has dual purpose.  I can listen to music and answer my phone calls.

Earbuds tested: Skullcandy Titan (3) , Audio- Tehnica ATH-ANC33iS (2), Bose MIE2 (1)

The Titans have a solid base.  The sound quality was good for the price.  The build material seems to be sturdy. They are affordable and work well with android phone since they have a mic.  You can’t beat the price. They are listed on for $26.95.  Titan ear buds come in third place in my review.

Tehnica ATH-ANC33iS has mic and noise cancellation. Sound quality is  better and they feel a lot in the ear  then the Titan’s.  However, the small battery is on top with noise cancellation.  I feel the aaa battery is to large for earbuds. They need to reconsider the design and use a smaller battery.   Noise cancellation seemed to work well.  They are much better then the Titans. They come in second in my ear buds review. I would  recommend them.  Their current sale price on is  for$59.99.

Boise MIE2 produce high quality audio reproduction. The bass is solid.  Headset design is known as StayHear design feels like you are not wearing them.  They are not for the frugal.   Money well spent if you are a music lover.  They are simply class “A” earbuds.  MIE2 is my comes in #1 in my review.  Amazon is currently selling them for $129.95

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