Monthly Archives: April 2014

Antivirus Review

Today we have to deal with a lot of risks while searching the internet. Trojans, malware and many other viruses can attack our PC and destroy information that we have or just delay our work. That is why we need strong and powerful antivirus but with affordable price. I hope...
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BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard

For every professional gamer, or for the ones that feel that way, the most important part is the keyboard. They know that without a good keyboard the game is lost There are several really good keyboards for serious gamers. On the top ten list of gaming keyboards are Razer BlackWidow,...
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Data backup

How important is it to perform data backup?  How do we lose our data? Why does this happen?  Most of the time we are just very busy. We forget to backup our files. We copy only certain data to our usb drive. The rest resides on different folders and drives....
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