Ooma voip phone service over Verizon VOIP!

I had  a Verizon FIOS phone triple play package since  June 2012.  Last year, I needed to change my  television service package.  Guess what happened?  Verizon knocked off my voip phone line.  They left me a message after speaking with them for hours; that Verizon will get my dial tone repaired in one week.

What one week??  to get my dial tone back!!! Are you kidding me???  No, they were not. So, I checked some solutions out there.  I used Magic Jack in the past.  However, I was not crazy about the sound quality back when I had it.ooma voip

I wanted a phone system which was easy to setup.  Second, a system where I can easily use my existing phone jacks to work. Third, superior phone quality. Since I have quite  a few phone jacks in the house.   So, I researched and found that ooma can do the job. Kept my original phone number.  The sound quality was the same as Verizon FIOS.  The customer service was great and eager to help.

As soon as I configured my phone system,  I called  Verizon,  to downgrade my package to double play.  Since they were unable to get my VOIP phone operational.  The ooma Telo  VOIP Phone System retails approximately from $130.00 to $150.00 dollars.  I also purchased the second phone line option.  I am saving at least $150 dollars per year.   Ooma is a recommended buy.  It is www.itmateinc.com approved for more information about the ooma voip system please visit: www.ooma.com

If you need help with a ooma or a VOIP phone system call us at: 201.478.7422!

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