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You’re assured that we stand by our work and words. itMate professionals have over 12 years experience in project management, migration, internal and external customer client/service including technical support  experience. Our company has helped over ten thousand clients resolve computer problems.

Anytime you have a problem, day or night, just give us a call. Contact us at 201 478 7422201 478 7422 or through your mobile phone at 201 606 1333201 606 1333. Email us at We’re open for appointments 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Click here for information about our location.

Manufacturer warranties are maintained whenever possible. We’ll also help you keep the new repaired gadget running well
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We can build a custom computer for your needs.  Contact us for more information. Call us today 201.606.1333201.606.1333

On-Site service is available. 1 hour minimum charge, then billed per 15 minutes rounded up.  We require someone 18 years or older to be present.  By appointment minimum1 hour charge on-site:

Residential rates are $49.95 and office/corporate rates are 89.95 per hour.

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All repairs come with a 30 day labor warranty.  If your computer breaks down with the same issue within  30 days of repair, we will fix it free of ay labor charge.  No warranty for virus or spyware infections.  Most computer parts used for repairs have a 12 month vendor warranty.

NJ Computer Repair

Just like your computer a printer is a necessity in every household.  Printers are devices that make a hard copy of data or information stored on your computer in electronic form. Most printers are mostly used as peripherals and  are hard wired to the computer which serves as the document source.

Some printers have built in wireless networking capabilities that allow it to be used in a wireless network at home or in the office. This can be used to make a hard copy of information from any computer connected to the network.

Today’s technology and manufacturers’  made printers, especially inkjet printers, indispensable in any home office. Over the years, these printers have transformed into lightweight, durable, quick and efficient equipment. Many models even serve multiple functions, from fax machine to copier and scanner.

Despite the versatility of printers these days, one thing still does not change about them and that is the fact that they are still fragile equipment that must be handled carefully. When they are malfunctioning you need to call a itmateinc for service.

We can cover not only your computer problems but also fix your printer  as well. So,  how do you find the best repair company for your needs? Here are a few points of reference by which to compare NJ computer repair companies.

Rate. Of course this is very important. Before they get their hands dirty ask how much is the rate. Asking the price won’t make the bill any cheaper, but it will prepare you for the damage, as well as keep you from getting ripped off. The average going rate for computer repair services is in the range of $70 to $120 per hour; any lower usually indicates a scam and any higher is most-likely unjustified.

Certified Technicians. Looking for these certifications ensures that you will get a computer repair technician that has studied and been trained to handle electronic equipment properly. Technicians with these certifications are often given membership cards and certificates that certify the completed their exams to earn the qualification.

Customer Reviews: You must do some research and ask the neighborhood if the NJ Computer Repair shop you visited is a good. You may also visit the company website and look for a place to review customer comments and complaints. If the company does not post comments then you are going to have to take the chance that they are not that great or have some problems.

Warranties and Guarantees.  Most companies, upon an assessment of the problem, should be able to guarantee their service 30 days. Less than that is undesirable, and if the guarantee is for longer than 30 days, make sure you clarify what types of problems are covered for that amount of time.

Armed with the information above you’ll be much closer to finding the right repair company for your needs. Getting the best NJ Computer Repair shop is easy if your vigilant enough to do your part as a customer.

Our tune up service includes:
Faster start up and shutdown
Clean up your registry
Clean system & drives
Check for spyware
Remove unnecessary programs

And more..

Free Online Virus Scan

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