itMate services include:

  • Computer backups
  • Data transfer
  • Recovery of data on hard drives
  • Cloud backup solutions for your computers

Data is essential in any business organization. Any compilation or collection of files of any kind is basically important in the transferring or exchanging both internal and external communication.  As often used, soft file of interactions are widely used in all types of businesses.  If these are important as printed reports as we have, therefore, it should be taken care properly to protect and preserve the data for reference and record.

There are different ways to protect your organization’s data, but since we are in the modern computer era, you have to employ a data backup and recovery plan. By doing this, it may protect you from any possible loss of data due to data corruption, data errors or failures, hardware malfunction, and unforeseen events. The administrator should ensure that backups are performed and backup tapes are stored in a safe place.

In some cases, files are accidentally deleted but with the aid of back up data, you can recover any of these.  When you start creating back up data, you should plan which among your organizational files require to be backed up. Consider the following: how important it is in your system, type of information content, how does it change, how fast you need to recover data, availability of equipment for back-up, who may be in-charged to handle back up, is there a need to back up off the site?

After considering all these things, you have to know that there are different kinds of back up which may give you an idea what could be the appropriate suited to your files. Normal or full back ups, Copy back ups, Differential back ups, Incremental back ups, and

Daily back ups

There are also things you need to consider in selecting backup devices such as mentioned on the following with short descriptions:

Capacity. This is the amount of data that you need to back up on a regular basis. Think whether this backup hardware can support the necessary load known for the time and supply limitation

Reliability.  This is basically the backup hardware and media. Do not sacrifice reliability on or before it really requires you badly. Spend the most practical backup hardware specifically for your need.

Extensibility.  This is the possible boundaries of your backup solution. As the organization grows it also follows. Monitor your required expansion.

Speed. Identify which data can be backed up and recovered. Do not forfeit the speed to reduce costs.

Cost. The price of technical support solution. Make a necessary budget allocation for your technical protection.

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