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Firewall Solution

What is a firewall? Firewall is defined (under electronics & computer science) as a system designed (security scheme) to prevent unauthorized users to gain access to a computer or from a private network that monitor or transfers of information to.  Firewalls can be employed hardware or software, and combination of both. Firewalls are mostly used to guard unauthorized internet users from getting into private networks associated to the internet. Messages coming in and out pass through the firewall that inspect each message, and blocks those that do not qualify particular safety standard.

Firewall Solutions to businesses.  If you want to guard your company’s computers from any unauthorized access, each computer should have installed a software firewall.  This could bring quite additional cost and difficulty to sustain.  On the other side, hardware-based firewall solution is easier to manage and protect all computers within your network.

What businesses benefits from Firewall Solutions? Firewall solutions for business offers many benefits when integrated with a comprehensive security device.

Firewall solutions support for shifting business requirements. What makes firewall solutions best for business allows you deploy new applications safely.

Firewall solutions prohibited access to your company’s resources.  Effective firewall solution blocks unauthorized access to applications or information assets.

Firewall solutions enlarged employee efficiency.  By blocking unauthorized access from unauthorized users, your firewall helps prevent the loss of valuable company data.

Firewall solutions enhanced business resiliency. The best firewalls prevent disruption of critical applications and services due to safety breaches.

Firewall secures your computer network from hostile interruption. It can also monitor and record information. This could help you to trace who made the unauthorized access and determine what type of information it gets. Firewalls can be used to allow definite users to access certain information but prohibit others from doing so. Some firewalls can cause limitation on the system as they focus security in a specific area. Since firewall can track access, it can also gauge the usage of the internet and it effects on the performance of the network.

Though its primary task to secure your computer and its network from the unauthorized access from hostile interruptions, technology wide functions also used firewalls to supplement content and email filtering solutions. It automatically blocks most email viruses and malware attacks prior to its initiation.

Different computer networks used by many organizations are recommended to note policy that draws information that can only be accessed by their employees in order to ensure that the proper utilization of firewall has been supported by users as well.

Features available:
Fast Wireless Connection – multiple connections for regular users and guests
Virtual Private Network (VPN)-  Secure remote Access
Better VOIP Quality – give higher bandwidth to VOIP devices
User Activity Reporting – shows stats on what sites users are visiting
Virus & Malware Protection – built in protection again viruses, spyware and malware
Powerful Content Filtering – block adult content, countries, etc.
Multiple ISP Connections – able to setup multiple connections for fail over

We offer the following:  SonicWALL, Watchguard, Cisco, Checkpoint, Palo Alto,  and other firewalls.



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