As we can see the trending use of telephone system over the decades, you will see the changes it brings to many users from traditional to the newest version now used by many businesses.  Because of technology and it continuous study, you may learn that functions vary on the convenience of every customer needs. VOIP Phone

A VoIP phone is a telephone set has been designed to use voice communication over internet protocol (VoIP) system by converting standard telephone into a digital format that can be conveyed over the Internet and by translating the opposite, digital phone signals from the Internet to standard telephone.

A VoIP phone allows the user to take advantage of VoIP technology without involving a personal computer, although an Internet connection is required.

Physically, a VoIP phone set resembles a traditional hard wired or cordless telephone set. It employs the familiar ear and mouth (E&M) arrangement with an earphone (or earpiece) for listening to incoming audio, and a microphone (or mouthpiece) for transmitting audio. Some VoIP phone sets offer enhanced quality audio, comparable to that on compact disc(CD). A few VoIP phone sets allow for the transmission and reception of image data during calls, so they can be considered video telephones.

One of the primary benefits of VoIP system is having a simpler wiring system than the using separate wiring for the telephone and data devices. In a home based office set up, it would be easier to handle.  For company set up, all administrative functions are performed on a network through browser based program and it can be modified as required from time to time.

The increasing internet use for telephone calls have been preferred by many when calls run over the Internet, long distance charges are avoided and this could trims down incurring any additional charges. Reducing cost in anyway are always advantage both ordinary individual and company use.

Group of people can enjoy the use of VoIP communication both call and data exchange of messages simultaneously.  Private instant messaging, peer to peer phone calls and video calls are not limited to the group either for personal or business use.

Aside from the multi functional of VoIP, more users are becoming accustomed on this technology for its dynamic features and practical applications especially in the business arena. Apparently, all communications will be using voice over internet protocols and the growing number of its users will embrace the convenience and economical solutions it may provide to variety of users.

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