We will manage your network installation and rollouts.

We offer flexible IT Project Management for your budget.  We will plan, organize and control your resources in order to achieve your specific company goals.  We have over 10 years of Project Management experience to ensure that your project is completed correctly.

IT PROJECT MANAGEMENTNJ IT Consulting has been in the industry over a decade experienced in handling projects including technical support.  Our professional technicians hold a minimum of University degree with Microsoft and Dell Certified.

NJ IT consulting works with our clients guiding them how to effectively use technology in order to convene business aspiration or even conquer technical difficulty. Our IT consulting firm works to advance the configuration and competence of your business IT system.  NJ IT perform specific task over expected coverage of time. Our professional IT consultants deliver technical supervision to organizations with regard to wide arrays of technology such as IT road and rail network, and empowerment of business processes through IT development.

IT consulting effort extends with our clients in providing procurement guidance and technical assistance for user training and feedback. IT consultants may be involved in organizational growth as well as in technical duties.

Every client may be at different level of technical problems, that is why consultants are required to determine first the possible case and identify the scope of the project. Based from this, consultant may be able to plan time scale and resources it may be needed.  Part of diagnosing the case, allows clarifying the system specifications to understand the practices and nature of the business.

In some cases, consultants are required to go the customer’s site to personally check and define software, hardware and network requirements. Analysis may be done to provide better recommendations that may generate agreed solutions to implement in the new or upgraded system.

In other sophisticated cases, some require formal presentation of technical solutions either in written or oral reports. On this way, IT consulting firm helps customers to manage and modify their IT system with appropriate design, test, installation, and monitoring upgraded systems.

It is recommended that users also be trained for them to get involved in technical support of their business operations. ItmateInc Consultants will maintain contact with clients and will establish constant communication for any updates and progress of their technical development.

NJ IT consulting is committed to delver the most practical solutions to your technical service needs.  Our utmost response will be provided to your workstation troubles or any other related technical difficulty.  An IT expert will handle your concern with proper analysis and direct answer that suited to your technical condition.  You can access us through Itmate contact information that is visible in this site.


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