Small business services

Logo Design

Custom logo design for your business:

Logo Design

  • 100% Custom logo design
  • Files ready for PC & Mac
  • You own all design rights
  • Direct communication with design team

Basic package is $159.00

Security Cameras

Analog and IP Network Cameras

Our New Line of Network Cameras offer you an incredible solution over your existing internet connection. These cameras offer advanced audio, video and graphic information over IP-based networks via wired or wireless (option) communication media. Choose from our indoor, outdoor, PTZ Controllable, and even infrared IP Selection. Many of our Network IP Cameras have a 2-Way Audio Function providing excellent communication capabilities. View your cameras remotely from anywhere in the world through the internet!

Indoor cameras come in all types, sizes and styles. The most popular is the smoked mini dome camera. The dome camera can be mounted on the ceiling or wall and adjusted to view any angle. Although the dome is designed to protect the camera inside, they are not weather tight and should not be installed where they are exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures.

The only difference between indoor and outdoor cameras is that the outdoor cameras are in an environmentally protected housing. Some housings have heaters and blowers to keep the temperature inside within the operating parameters of the camera. Others such as the mini outdoor bullet cameras generate their own heat for operation. All outdoor cameras discussed in this guide are designed to operate in -10 degrees to 120 degree temperature.

PTZ cameras, as they are called, are considered “top of the line” in security cameras. They can pan 360 degrees, tilt 270 degrees, and optically zoom in as much as 22 times. They are controlled and programmed with either a desk top joy stick control or through the software of a PC based DVR. They come in both indoor and outdoor versions, can be wall or ceiling mounted, and can be equipped with color Day/Night cameras or night vision.

Because cameras are so small now they can be hidden in almost anything. It’s common to see cameras in pictures, clocks, radios, smoke detectors, motion detectors, books, ties and anything else we can dream up. The cameras are the same cameras used with standard indoor cameras. The only difference is the housings used.


Android Phones

Services we offer for the following phones: Samsung, Motorola, Nexus, HTC and Sony:

  • Rooting
  • Unlocking
  • Custom ROM installation

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